Connecting families with resources and tools

The People Plan is grounded in a service delivery model that provides a network of services and support for the former University Homes’ families, new residents at Scholars Landing and families who live in the UCN.

The People Plan prioritizes income and wealth building, health and wellness, high-quality education and lifelong learning, community capacity building and engagement, and strengths-based case management facilitated by the UCN case management team and well-established community organizations and providers. Located on-site at Scholars Landing, the CN Supportive Services team is accessible and available to assist people of all ages connect to resources and opportunities based on specific needs.  Our lead partners help make health, workforce, and education services successful:

Health Lead: Morehouse School of Medicine (medical home and health insurance)

Workforce Lead: Urban League of Greater Atlanta (workforce training and job placement)

Education Lead: United Way of Greater Atlanta (K-12 after-school tutoring, mentoring and wrap-around services)